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Treatment and conditioning of RW

FSUE RADON provides the full range of services as concerns treatment and conditioning of radioactive waste including the following methods:

  • separation, fragmentation, and compaction of RW;
  • cementation;
  • thermal treatment;
  • purification of liquid radioactive waste (LRW);
  • conditioning of ionizing radiation sources.

RW separation, fragmentation, and compaction

  • Development, fabrication and commissioning of plants for SRW (solid radioactive waste) separation and fragmentation;
  • Development, fabrication and commissioning of plants for SRW compaction followed by finished products placement into certified containers.

RW cementation

  • Development and testing of cement matrices to incorporate low- and medium-level LRW and SRW (waste from nuclear power plants and from radiochemical enterprises as well as waste formed while decommissioning enterprises of the nuclear fuel cycle);
  • Development, fabrication and commissioning of mobile and stationary plants for LRW and SRW cementation with concrete compound placement into certified containers;
  • Finished products testing for compliance with pertinent state standards (GOSTs).

Thermal RW treatment

  • Development and testing of glass- and mineral-like matrices to incorporate  low-, medium-, and high-level SRW and LRW;
  • Development of RW treatment method using the cold crucible induction melter;
  • Development, fabrication and commissioning of plants for plasma treatment of RW (up to 500 kg/hr capacity);
  • Development, fabrication and commissioning of plants to burn SRW and organic LRW (up to 100 kg/hr capacity) followed by conditioning of secondary RW and placement of finished products into certified containers;
  • Researches into carryover of radionuclides and of macroscale components during thermal treatment of waste;
  • Finished products testing for compliance with pertinent state standards (GOSTs).

Purification of liquid radioactive waste

  • Creation of modular stationary complexes and of mobile complexes for purification of LRW of various types;
  • Development of methods for purification of low-salt and salt LRW and for conditioning of secondary RW;
  • Purification of LRW and conditioning of secondary RW in the Customer's territory;
  • Development and fabrication of non-standard equipment to extract bottom sediments from LRW storage reservoirs and from different water basins.

Handling of spent radionuclide sources (SRS)

  • Control of storage conditions of spent radionuclide sources;
  • Inspection (using visual control facilities) of radiation-dangerous objects;
  • Identification of orphan radiation sources;
  • Measurement of gamma-radiation dose at storage facility;
  • Investigation of storage facilities for surface contamination by radionuclides;
  • Sampling, and analysis of air for hydrogen content;
  • Sampling, and analysis of air for radon content;
  • Determination of storage facility filling with SRS;
  • Detection of water at storage facility and analysis of its contamination with radionuclides.
  • Development of technical procedures for SRS conditioning through their immobilization in a metal matrix;
  • Calculation of packages for SRS conditioning in intermediate containers and in casks for storage of conditioned RW.

Details of RW treatment
RW conditioning
Placement of solid and solidified radioactive waste into special casks ensuring safe storage (at least during fifty years) at surface storage facilities as well as for disposal in regional underground repositories with a storage period of up to 300 years.
Details of RW conditioning