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Tests and analytical support

Testing of materials and coatings to be used at enterprises dealing with radioactive substances

• Study of heat-insulating properties of fire-proof materials exposed to decontaminating agents;

• Study of decontaminability and of radiation resistance of various purpose coatings.

The Central Laboratory is accredited for technical competence and independence in the accreditation systems of:

• Radiation control laboratories (SARK system) governed by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (FATRM)

Accreditation Certificate No. SARK RU.0001.442063, valid till February 29, 2016

• Analytical laboratories (SAAL system) governed by FATRM,

Accreditation Certificate No. ROSS RU.0001.512711, valid till November 09, 2015

The scope of accreditation in the Radiation control system includes the following measurement objects: (a) atmosphere elements: near-surface aerosols and atmospheric precipitation, (b) hydrosphere elements: surface and ground water, bottom sediments, and aquatic organisms; (c) lithosphere elements: soil, ground, bottom sediments, and vegetation; (d) industrial & potable water; (e) foodstuffs and products of meat-, fish-, and flour-and-cereals industries; (f) feed-stuffs; (g) crop products; (h) agricultural & forest products; (i) products of timber and wood-working industries; (j) building materials; (k) metal scrap; (l) solid and liquid radioactive waste; and (m) discharges from radwaste conditioning plants and from laboratories.

The scope of accreditation in the Analytical control system includes the following measurement objects: (a) potable water; (b) treated waste water; (c) waste water; (d) soil; (e) working zone air; (f) contaminants discharges into the atmosphere; (g) process gases; (h) glass; (i) glass batch; (j) process solutions; (k) ash; and (l) carbon black.

Software for spectrometry complexes

Software for spectrometry complexes SpectraDec is intended for identification of radionuclides in samples with the use of a liquid scintillation counter.

That method is patented in the USA, Finland, and Russian Federation. Tasks, solved with the aid of the SpectraDec complex and the liquid scintillation counter, cover the following fields:

• Radioecological investigations;

• Radiation hygiene and radiation medicine;

• Technology.