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Safe storage of RW

FSUE RADON performs processing and conditioning of RW for long-term safe storage. Services rendered include as follows:

  • development of a method ensuring preservation of "historic" storage facilities;
  • development of a method ensuring final isolation of RW;
  • creation of storage facilities of a new type;

Besides, RADON performs complex monitoring of storage facilities for RW, and makes an assessment of radiation safety at nuclear-hazardous facilities.
Development of a method ensuring preservation of "historic" storage facilities

  • Elimination of faults with engineered barriers accumulated during long-term localization of RW at storage facilities.
  • Development and optimization of design for the upper multi-functional coating of storage facilities.
  • Creation of a monitoring system for RW body and for the multi-functional coating.

Creation of storage facilities of a new type
Preparation of technical proposals on construction and operation of storage facilities as large diameter wells

  • Determination of parameters for basic structural elements of storage facility depending on mine engineering conditions;
  • Organization of work on construction site (including work in tense conditions such as operating surface storage facilities);
  • Choice of load-lifting facilities and of non-standard equipment for RW loading into and unloading from storage facility;
  • Installation and adjustment of automated system to monitor air-tightness at storage facility and pump out water (if required).

Storage facilities in details...
Complex monitoring of RW storages and assessment of radiation safety at nuclear-hazardous facilities

  • Collection and analysis of input data for safety assessment including filtration and sorption experiments in laboratory conditions and in situ;
  • Forecasts of radionuclides migration, and assessment of radiation environment for normal operating conditions and for evolution of engineered barriers;
  • Safety assessment including elaboration of assessment context, scenarios, models, and also estimated calculations and analysis of results obtained;
  • Determination of maximal RW activity for RW mortuaries/sites for long-term storage of RW based on safety assessment;
  • Grounds for possible extension of service lives for operating RW storage facilities;
  • Investigation of physical degradation of matrix material and of storage facilities structures;
  • Assessment concerning distribution of radionuclides and total residual activity within storage facility;
  • Investigation of geochemical conditions within storage facility and in soils of the border zone;
  • Assessment of migration processes and of radiological hazard at storage facility;
  • Creation of geomonitoring system.